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  • Roosebeck Tunable Ply Bodhran 14'' X 5'' - Black

    Bodhran, 14" Plywood, Black Painted with black leather band and gold colored tacks around the drum. New upgraded tuning mechanism requires no tuning wrench. This is a 5.5 inch deep...
  • Roosebeck BAGL Sheesham Practice Chanter with Book and CD

    Our most popular practice chanter. This traditional sized practice chanter has an engraved nickel plated ferrule sole and a sheesham body. It is in the key of B-flat. Wood Grains...
  • Roosebeck Harp Tuning Tool - Medium

    Replacement tuning tool for Celtic Harps. Required to tune and restring your harp. This fits the majority of the Roosebeck Harps, from the HPBY, Baby Harp(TM) up to and including...
  • Roosebeck Psaltery Bow

    Psaltery Bow. Made of Solid sheesham wood with synthetic-hairs. Rosin for bow is sold separately (item code:VR200). The Psaltery Bow must be rosined before it can play the strings. Rosin...
  • Roosebeck Psaltery Bow Mongolian Horse Hair - Walnut

    Psaltery Bow. Made of Solid walnut wood with Mongolian horse hair. It is very light and easy to play with. Rosin for bow is sold separately (item code:VR200). The Psaltery...
  • Roosebeck Soprano/Alto Psaltery String Set

    30 plain steel .010" (.25mm) with ball end for use with the soprano and alto psalteries.Product Specifications: Brand: Roosebeck Product Type: Psaltery Accessories UPC Code: 844731041457 Origin: USAShipping Specifications: Ship Weight: 0.3...
  • Quick View Roosebeck Gig Bag for Heather Harp - Celtic Style Harp Accessories - HTNC
    Sold Out

    Roosebeck Gig Bag for Heather Harp

    Nylon padded quilt gig bag for storage or travel. Approximate measurements: Back 32", Tuning Arm 20", Pillar 35", Base Width 10", Base Depth 7".Product Specifications: Brand: Roosebeck Product Type: Celtic Style...
  • Roosebeck Lily Harp 8-String Knotwork

    8-String Lily Harp (TM) with Knotwork carvings. Approximately 15" high. Featuring 8 DuPont hard nylon strings, a range from C above Middle C to High C, no sharpening levers and...
  • Roosebeck Capo for Mountain Dulcimer

    Sheesham and lacewood capo for mountain dulcimer that is placed on the neck of instrument and used to shorten the playable length of the strings in order to raise the...
  • Roosebeck Plastic Practice Chanter Reed with Copper Staple

    Replacement reed for the practice chanter.Product Specifications: Brand: Roosebeck Product Type: Bagpipe Practice Chanter Accessories Item Weight: 0.05 lbs. Item Length: 2.25 Inches Item Width: 0.37 Inches Item Height: 0.25 Inches UPC Code:...
  • Roosebeck Knob Tipper - Sloped Ridge - Mulberry

    9" tipper with teardrop shaped knob-ends, and one sloped ridge mid-shaft. Simple and elegant. The tipper is swung back and forth against the head of a Bodhran to create lively...
  • Quick View Roosebeck BAGLRB Black Sheesham Practice Chanter with Book and CD - Bagpipe Practice Chanter - BAGLRB-BC
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    Roosebeck BAGLRB Black Sheesham Practice Chanter with Book and CD

    This practice chanter is hand crafted from solid sheesham and painted matte black, and it features a black plastic mouthpiece. It is approximately 19 inches long when assembled, and a...
  • Roosebeck Psaltery Tuning Tool - Soprano Extra Small

    Replacement tuning tool that can be used to tune and restring our soprano psalteries (right and left handed models). Features a sheesham handle and a metal shaft with a brass...
  • Roosebeck Whitewood Noter and Pick for Mountain Dulcimer

    Wooden dowel, approximately 4 inches long by 3/8 inch diameter, and nylon pick. Used to pick and note the strings of the Mountain Dulcimer.Product Specifications: Brand: Roosebeck Product Type: Mountain Dulcimer...
  • Roosebeck Mountain Dulcimer 5-String Set Ball Ends

    The Roosebeck Dulcimer 5 String Set contains 4 plain steel strings and one nickel plated steel wound on steel string. The strings are designed to provide a bright, rich tone....
  • Roosebeck Lyre Harp 10-String Set - Loop End

    The ten metal strings in the Roosebeck Lyre Harp set provide a very classical sound. The authentic tuning is derived from Judaic worship music, where the instrument was used to...
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