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  • Quick View Remo Shoulder Strap For Externally Tuned Doumbek - Metal Doumbek Accessories - HK-3200-DK
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    Remo Shoulder Strap For Externally Tuned Doumbek

    Shoulder Strap For External Tune Doumbek. Remo Doumbek Drum Strap comes in three parts. One strap. Small loop rope. Harness rope with clear tube. Strap Instructions: 1. Attach the harness...
  • Remo Skyndeep Dx Series Doumbek Head 8-3/4" x 3/8" - Fish Skin Graphic

    DX Series Doumbek drumheads produce rich tek, doum, and slap tones that will inspire you to play for hours. The DX SERIES model drumheads are constructed using the same Remo...
  • Remo Mondo Fiberskyn Djembe Head 12" x 2.5" - Adinkra Pattern

    Drumhead, Fiberskyn with Adinkra Graphic, M2 Type, Fa Film, 12" Diameter, 2.5" Collar (Djembe). A MONDO drumhead is defined by its construction style. These heads feature a straight-wall ACOUSTICON construction.Product...
  • Remo SKYNDEEP Djembe Head 14-by-2.5-Inch - Black

    MONDO heads come in SKYNDEEP. All heads come with a high collar and utilized a straight-wall ACOUSTICON construction with a 1/2 inch support rim around the outside bottom for mounting...
  • Remo Ocean Drum 12" x 2.5"

    The Standard Ocean Drum comes, with one clear Mylar head and one white Fiberskyn head, is an incredibly versatile instrument. You can play this drum several ways for multiple sounds....
  • Remo Beater for Floor Tom 10" x 3/8" - Black

    Replacement mallet for the Remo Floor Tom Drum.Product Specifications: Brand: Remo Product Type: Beaters Item Length: 10 Inches Item Width: 0.4 Inches Item Height: 0.4 Inches UPC Code: 757242156179 Origin: USAShipping Specifications: Ship...
  • Remo Tambourine 16" - Madonna Graphic

    Italian signature series tambourine by world renown artist Alessandra Belloni. 1 row of 9 pairs of jingles. "The Black Madonna of Monserrat" Graphic. Size: 16" x 2 1/2". Synthetic head...
  • Remo Kids Percussion Hand Drum Set of 5 - Rain Forest

    Remo Hand Drum Set of 5, Rain Forest. The bright, attractive Remo Kids 5 Pc Hand Drum Set features the same engaging pattern featured on the rest of the award-winning...
  • Remo Banjo Head Fiberskyn High Collar 11"

    Replacement Banjo Head, Fiberskyn, 11 inch Diameter, High Collar The Fiberskyn Diplomats have warm tones due to a poly-spun fiber single layer of Mylar film. They're known for their warm...
  • Remo Banjo Head Renaissance Diplomat High Collar 11"

    Replacement Banjo Head, Renaissance Diplomat, 11" Diameter, High Collar. The Renaissance Diplomat is slightly warmer than Clear Diplomats due to a textured surface on the single layer of Mylar film....
  • Remo Tubano 10" x 22" - Rain Forest

    The Tubano is a Remo innovation that features an internal resonating tub and four molded feet. The feet lift the resonating tube off the floor to allow the full Conga-like...
  • Remo Kids Percussion Gathering Drum 22" x 8" - Rain Forest

    The Remo Kids Gathering Drum can be played with the hands, sticks or mallets. Kids enjoy playing this big drum solo style but have the most fun when other kids...
  • Quick View Remo Kids Percussion Djembe 8" x 15" - Rain Forest - KIDS PERCUSSION by Remo - KD-0608-01
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    Remo Kids Percussion Djembe 8" x 15" - Rain Forest

    The Remo Kid's Percussion Djembe is a winner of the prestigious Oppenheim Gold Seal Toy Awards for product quality. It comes equipped with a pre-tuned Fiberskyn 3 drumhead. The ACOUSTICON...
  • Remo Kids Percussion Bongos 5" & 6" - Rain Forest

    The Kid's Percussion Bongo comes pre-tuned with our popular Fiberskyn 3 drumhead. The bongos are an important part of the Afro-Cuban family of rhythm instruments. A set of bongos is...
  • Remo Kids Percussion Floor Tom 10" x 7.5" - Rain Forest

    The Floor Tom is smaller and higher pitched than the Gathering drums. Its compact size makes it just right for classroom drum circles. Molded rubber feet support the drum off...
  • Quick View Remo Rhythm Club Tambourine with 4 Sets Jingles 6" x 1.75" - KIDS PERCUSSION by Remo - RH-2106-00
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    Remo Rhythm Club Tambourine with 4 Sets Jingles 6" x 1.75"

    This is a prefect size tambourine for the little hands. The Rhythm Club Tambourine is 6" diameter and 1.75" high with 4 Sets of Jingles.Product Specifications: Brand: Remo Product Type: KIDS...
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